Moonlight Pieces
Works by Ömür Tokgöz

Article by Feyza Ozgundogdu
A Feyza Cakir Ozgundogdu is an Assistant Professor at the Fine Arts Education Department of Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, Turkey.


Being as beautiful as the 14th day of the moon’ is an expression used in Turkish to describe beauty. With this expression, the full moon is associated with a bright and restful face. The light of the full moon emerging in the sky on a cloudless night is fascinating for many people. The moon openhandedly sends the light it receives from the sun, as if it is a gift. Although we are aware that the light does not originate from the moon itself, when watching it we attribute the light to the moon and admire it. The burrowed light has a quite modest and peaceful level and whiteness. The light of the moon softly covers the nature it illuminates, as a white veil.


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